Degree Ramsey Numbers of Closed Blowups of Trees

  • Paul Horn
  • Kevin G. Milans
  • Vojtěch Rödl
Keywords: Ramsey Theory, Graph Theory


The degree Ramsey number of a graph $G$, denoted $R_\Delta(G;s)$, is $\min\{\Delta(H)\colon\, H\stackrel{s}{\to} G\}$, where $H\stackrel{s}{\to} G$ means that every $s$-edge-coloring of $H$ contains a monochromatic copy of $G$.  The closed $k$-blowup of a graph is obtained by replacing every vertex with a clique of size $k$ and every edge with a complete bipartite graph where both partite sets have size $k$.  We prove that there is a function $f$ such that $R_\Delta(G;s) \le f(\Delta(G), s)$  when $G$ is a closed blowup of a tree.

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