Counting 2-Connected 4-Regular Maps on the Projective Plane

  • Shude Long
  • Han Ren
Keywords: (Rooted) near-4-regular map, Lagrangian inversion, enumerating function, asymptotic


In this paper the number of rooted (near-) 4-regular maps on the projective plane are investigated with respect to the root-valency, the number of edges, the number of inner faces, the number of nonroot-vertex-loops, the number of nonroot-vertex-blocks. As special cases, formulae for several types of rooted 4-regular maps such as 2-connected 4-regular projective planar maps, rooted 2-connected (connected) 4-regular projective planar maps without loops are also presented. Several known results on the number of 4-regular maps on the projective plane are also concluded. Finally, by use of Darboux's method, very nice asymptotic formulae for the numbers of those types of maps are given.
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