On the Cayley Isomorphism Problem for Cayley Objects of Nilpotent Groups of Some Orders

  • Edward Dobson
Keywords: Cayley object, Cayley graph, Isomorphism problem, CI-group


We give a necessary condition to reduce the Cayley isomorphism problem for Cayley objects of a nilpotent or abelian group $G$ whose order satisfies certain arithmetic properties to the Cayley isomorphism problem of Cayley objects of the Sylow subgroups of $G$ in the case of nilpotent groups, and in the case of abelian groups to certain natural subgroups. As an application of this result, we show that ${\mathbb Z}_q\times{\mathbb Z}_p^2\times{\mathbb Z}_m$ is a CI-group with respect to digraphs, where $q$ and $p$ are primes with $p^2 < q$ and $m$ is a square-free integer satisfying certain arithmetic conditions (but there are no other restrictions on $q$ and $p$).

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