Counting Permutations by Alternating Descents

  • Ira M. Gessel
  • Yan Zhuang
Keywords: permutations, peaks, valleys, descents, noncommutative symmetric functions


We find the exponential generating function for permutations with all valleys even and all peaks odd, and use it to determine the asymptotics for its coefficients, answering a question posed by Liviu Nicolaescu. The generating function can be expressed as the reciprocal of a sum involving Euler numbers:
where $\sum_{n=0}^\infty E_n x^n\!/n! = \sec x + \tan x$. We give two proofs of this formula. The first uses a system of differential equations whose solution gives the generating function
which we then show is equal to $(*)$. The second proof derives $(*)$ directly from general permutation enumeration techniques, using noncommutative symmetric functions. The generating function $(*)$ is an "alternating" analogue of David and Barton's generating function
for permutations with no increasing runs of length 3 or more. Our general results give further alternating analogues of permutation enumeration formulas, including results of Chebikin and Remmel.

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