On $m$-Closed Graphs

  • Leila Sharifan
  • Masoumeh Javanbakht
Keywords: $m$-closed graph, binomial edge ideal, reduced Gröbner basis, admissible path.


A graph is closed when its vertices have a labeling by $[n]$ such that the binomial edge ideal $J_G$ has a quadratic Gröbner basis with respect to the lexicographic order induced by $x_1 > \ldots > x_n > y_1> \ldots > y_n$. In this paper, we generalize this notion and study the so called $m$-closed graphs. We find equivalent condition to $3$-closed property of an arbitrary tree $T$. Using it, we classify a class of $3$-closed trees. The primary decomposition of this class of graphs is also studied.
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