Structure Coefficients of the Hecke Algebra of $(\mathcal{S}_{2n},\mathcal{B}_n)$

  • Omar Tout
Keywords: Hecke algebra of $(\mathcal{S}_{2n}, \mathcal{B}_n)$, partial bijections, structure coefficients


The Hecke algebra of the pair $(\mathcal{S}_{2n},\mathcal{B}_n)$, where $\mathcal{B}_n$ is the hyperoctahedral subgroup of $\mathcal{S}_{2n}$, was introduced by James in 1961. It is a natural analogue of the center of the symmetric group algebra. In this paper, we give a polynomiality property of its structure coefficients. Our main tool is a combinatorial algebra which projects onto the Hecke algebra of $(\mathcal{S}_{2n},\mathcal{B}_n)$ for every $n$. To build it, by using partial bijections we introduce and study a new class of finite dimensional algebras.
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