Isometric Embeddings of Half-Cube Graphs in Half-Spin Grassmannians

  • Mark Pankov
Keywords: half-cube graph, half-spin Grassmann graph


Let $\Pi$ be a polar space of type $\textsf{D}_{n}$. Denote by ${\mathcal G}_{\delta}(\Pi)$, $\delta\in \{+,-\}$ the associated half-spin Grassmannians and write $\Gamma_{\delta}(\Pi)$ for the corresponding half-spin Grassmann graphs. In the case when $n\ge 4$ is even, the apartments of ${\mathcal G}_{\delta}(\Pi)$ will be characterized as the images of isometric embeddings of  the half-cube graph $\frac{1}{2}H_n$ in $\Gamma_{\delta}(\Pi)$. As an application, we describe all isometric embeddings of $\Gamma_{\delta}(\Pi)$ in the half-spin Grassmann graphs associated to a polar space of type $\textsf{D}_{n'}$ under the assumption that $n\ge 6$ is even.
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