Crossings and Nestings for Arc-Coloured Permutations and Automation

  • Lily Yen
Keywords: arc-coloured permutation, crossing, nesting, bijection, enumeration, tableau, generating tree, finite state automaton, transfer matrix, automation


Symmetric joint distribution between crossings and nestings was established in several combinatorial objects. Recently, Marberg extended Chen and Guo's result on coloured matchings to coloured set partitions following a multi-dimensional generalization of the bijection and enumerative methods from Chen, Deng, Du, Stanley, and Yan. We complete the study for arc-coloured permutations by establishing symmetric joint distribution for crossings and nestings and by showing that the ordinary generating functions for $j$-noncrossing, $k$-nonnesting, $r$-coloured permutations according to size $n$ are rational functions. Finally, we automate the generation of these rational functions and analyse the first $70$ series.
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