A Note on Goldbach Partitions of Large Even Integers

  • Ljuben Mutafchiev
Keywords: prime partitions, Goldbach partitons, asymptotics, limit theorems


Let $\Sigma_{2n}$ be the set of all partitions of the even integers from the interval $(4,2n], n>2,$ into two odd prime parts. We show that $|\Sigma_{2n}| \sim 2n^2/\log^2{n}$ as $n\to\infty$. We also assume that a partition is selected uniformly at random from the set $\Sigma_{2n}$. Let $2X_n\in (4,2n]$ be the size of this partition. We prove a limit theorem which establishes that $X_n/n$ converges weakly to the maximum of two random variables which are independent copies of a uniformly distributed random variable in the interval $(0,1)$. Our method of proof is based on a classical Tauberian theorem due to Hardy, Littlewood and Karamata. We also show that the same asymptotic approach can be applied to partitions of integers into an arbitrary and fixed number of odd prime parts.
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