On Graphs Having no Flow Roots in the Interval $(1,2)$

  • F.M. Dong
Keywords: chromatic polynomial, flow polynomial,


For any graph $G$, let $W(G)$ be the set of vertices in $G$ of degrees larger than 3. We show that for any bridgeless graph $G$, if $W(G)$ is dominated by some component of $G - W(G)$, then $F(G,\lambda)$ has no roots in the interval (1,2), where $F(G,\lambda)$ is the flow polynomial of $G$. This result generalizes the known result that $F(G,\lambda)$ has no roots in (1,2) whenever $|W(G)| \leq 2$. We also give some constructions to generate graphs whose flow polynomials have no roots in $(1,2)$.

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F.M. Dong, Nanyang Technological University

Mathematics and Mathematics Education

National Institute of Education

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