Overpartitions with Restricted Odd Differences

  • Kathrin Bringmann
  • Jehanne Dousse
  • Jeremy Lovejoy
  • Karl Mahlburg
Keywords: overpartitions, $q$-difference equations, mixed mock modular forms, Wright's circle method


We use $q$-difference equations to compute a two-variable $q$-hypergeometric generating function for overpartitions where the difference between two successive parts may be odd only if the larger part is overlined. This generating function specializes in one case to a modular form, and in another to a mixed mock modular form. We also establish a two-variable generating function for the same overpartitions with odd smallest part, and again find modular and mixed mock modular specializations. Applications include linear congruences arising from eigenforms for $3$-adic Hecke operators, as well as asymptotic formulas for the enumeration functions. The latter are proven using Wright's variation of the circle method.
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