Genus of the Cartesian Product of Triangles.

  • Michal Kotrbčík
  • Tomaž Pisanski
Keywords: Graph, Cartesian Product, Genus, Embedding, Triangle, Symmetric Embedding, Cayley graph, Cayley map, Genus Range, Group


We investigate the orientable genus of $G_n$, the cartesian product of $n$ triangles, with a particular attention paid to the two smallest unsolved cases $n=4$ and $5$. Using a lifting method we present a general construction of a low-genus embedding of $G_n$ using a low-genus embedding of $G_{n-1}$. Combining this method with a computer search and a careful analysis of face structure we show that $30\le \gamma(G_4) \le 37$ and $133 \le\gamma(G_5) \le 190$. Moreover, our computer search resulted in more than $1300$ non-isomorphic minimum-genus embeddings of $G_3$. We also introduce genus range of a group and (strong) symmetric genus range of a Cayley graph and of a group. The (strong) symmetric genus range of irredundant Cayley graphs of $Z_p^n$ is calculated for all odd primes $p$.
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