Cataloguing PL 4-Manifolds by Gem-Complexity

  • Maria Rita Casali
  • Paola Cristofori
Keywords: 4-Manifold, Crystallization, Coloured triangulation, Combinatorial move, Gem-complexity


We describe an algorithm to subdivide automatically a given set of PL $n$-manifolds (via coloured triangulations or, equivalently, via crystallizations) into classes whose elements are PL-homeomorphic. The algorithm, implemented in the case n=4, succeeds to solve completely the PL-homeomorphism problem among the catalogue of all closed connected PL 4-manifolds up to gem-complexity 8 (i.e., which admit a coloured triangulation with at most 18 4-simplices).

Possible interactions with the (not completely known) relationship among different classification in TOP and DIFF=PL categories are also investigated. As a first consequence of the above PL classification, the non-existence of exotic PL 4-manifolds up to gem-complexity 8 is proved. Further applications of the tool are described, related to possible PL-recognition of different triangulations of the K3-surface.

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