On the Existence of Certain Optimal Self-Dual Codes with Lengths Between 74 and 116

  • Tao Zhang
  • Jerod Michel
  • Tao Feng
  • Gennian Ge
Keywords: Self-dual code, Automorphism, Weight enumerator


The existence of optimal binary self-dual codes is a long-standing research problem. In this  paper, we present some results concerning the decomposition of binary self-dual codes with a dihedral automorphism group $D_{2p}$, where $p$ is a prime. These results are applied to construct new self-dual codes with length $78$ or $116$. We obtain $16$ inequivalent self-dual $[78,39,14]$ codes, four of which have new weight enumerators. We also show that there are at least $141$ inequivalent self-dual $[116,58,18]$ codes, most of which are new up to equivalence. Meanwhile, we give some restrictions on the weight enumerators of singly even self-dual codes. We use these restrictions to exclude some possible weight enumerators of self-dual codes with lengths $74$, $76$, $82$, $98$ and $100$.
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