Cluster Algebras of Type D: Pseudotriangulations Approach

  • Cesar Ceballos
  • Vincent Pilaud
Keywords: Cluster Algebras, Pseudotriangulations, Perfect Matchings


We present a combinatorial model for cluster algebras of type $D_n$ in terms of centrally symmetric pseudotriangulations of a regular $2n$ gon with a small disk in the centre. This model provides convenient and uniform interpretations for clusters, cluster variables and their exchange relations, as well as for quivers and their mutations. We also present a new combinatorial interpretation of cluster variables in terms of perfect matchings of a graph after deleting two of its vertices. This interpretation differs from known interpretations in the literature. Its main feature, in contrast with other interpretations, is that for a fixed initial cluster seed, one or two graphs serve for the computation of all cluster variables. Finally, we discuss applications of our model to polytopal realizations of type $D$ associahedra and connections to subword complexes and $c$-cluster complexes.
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