Generalised Polygons Admitting a Point-Primitive Almost Simple Group of Suzuki or Ree Type

  • Luke Morgan
  • Tomasz Popiel
Keywords: Generalised hexagon, Generalised octagon, Primitive permutation group


Let $G$ be a collineation group of a thick finite generalised hexagon or generalised octagon $\Gamma$. If $G$ acts primitively on the points of $\Gamma$, then a recent result of Bamberg et al. shows that $G$ must be an almost simple group of Lie type. We show that, furthermore, the minimal normal subgroup $S$ of $G$ cannot be a Suzuki group or a Ree group of type $^2\mathrm{G}_2$, and that if $S$ is a Ree group of type $^2\mathrm{F}_4$, then $\Gamma$ is (up to point-line duality) the classical Ree-Tits generalised octagon.

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