Inversions of Semistandard Young Tableaux

  • Paul Drube
Keywords: Young tableaux, Inversions of Young tableaux


A tableau inversion is a pair of entries from the same column of a row-standard tableau that lack the relative ordering necessary to make the tableau column-standard. An $i$-inverted Young tableau is a row-standard tableau with precisely $i$ inversion pairs, and may be interpreted as a generalization of (column-standard) Young tableaux. Inverted Young tableaux that lack repeated entries were introduced by Fresse to calculate the Betti numbers of Springer fibers in Type A, and were later developed as combinatorial objects in their own right by Beagley and Drube. This paper generalizes earlier notions of tableau inversions to row-standard tableaux with repeated entries, yielding an interesting new generalization of semistandard (as opposed to merely standard) Young tableaux. We develop a closed formula for the maximum numbers of inversion pairs for a row-standard tableau with a specific shape and content, and show that the number of $i$-inverted tableaux of a given shape is invariant under permutation of content. We then enumerate $i$-inverted Young tableaux for a variety of shapes and contents, and generalize an earlier result that places $1$-inverted Young tableaux of a general shape in bijection with $0$-inverted Young tableaux of a variety of related shapes.
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