Flag Statistics from the Ehrhart $h^∗$-Polynomial of Multi-Hypersimplices

  • Guo-Niu Han
  • Matthieu Josuat-Vergès
Keywords: Ehrhart polynomial, Descents, Eulerian numbers, Colored permutations, Hypercube


It is known that the normalized volume of standard hypersimplices (defined as some slices of the unit hypercube) are the Eulerian numbers. More generally, a recent conjecture of Stanley relates the Ehrhart series of hypersimplices with descents and excedences in permutations. This conjecture was proved by Nan Li, who also gave a generalization to colored permutations. In this article, we give another generalization to colored permutations, using the flag statistics introduced by Foata and Han. We obtain in particular a new proof of Stanley’s conjecture, and some combinatorial identities relating pairs of Eulerian statistics on colored permutations.
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