A Combinatorial Approach to the $q,t$-Symmetry Relation in Macdonald Polynomials

  • Maria Monks Gillespie
Keywords: Macdonald polynomials, Hall-Littlewood polynomials, Young tableaux, Cocharge, Garsia-Procesi modules, Mahonian statistics


Using the combinatorial formula for the transformed Macdonald polynomials of Haglund, Haiman, and Loehr, we investigate the combinatorics of the symmetry relation $\widetilde{H}_\mu(\mathbf{x};q,t)=\widetilde{H}_{\mu^\ast}(\mathbf{x};t,q)$. We provide a purely combinatorial proof of the relation in the case of Hall-Littlewood polynomials ($q=0$) when $\mu$ is a partition with at most three rows, and for the coefficients of the square-free monomials in $\mathbf{x}$ for all shapes $\mu$. We also provide a proof for the full relation in the case when $\mu$ is a hook shape, and for all shapes at the specialization $t=1$. Our work in the Hall-Littlewood case reveals a new recursive structure for the cocharge statistic on words.

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