4-Factor-Criticality of Vertex-Transitive Graphs

  • Wuyang Sun
  • Heping Zhang
Keywords: Vertex-Transitive graph, 4-Factor-Criticality, Matching, Connectivity


A graph of order $n$ is $p$-factor-critical, where $p$ is an integer of the same parity as $n$, if the removal of any set of $p$ vertices results in a graph with a perfect matching. 1-factor-critical graphs and 2-factor-critical graphs are well-known factor-critical graphs and bicritical graphs, respectively. It is known that if a connected vertex-transitive graph has odd order, then it is factor-critical, otherwise it is elementary bipartite or bicritical. In this paper, we show that a connected vertex-transitive non-bipartite graph of even order at least 6 is 4-factor-critical if and only if its degree is at least 5. This result implies that each connected non-bipartite Cayley graph of even order and degree at least 5 is 2-extendable.

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