A Decomposition of Parking Functions by Undesired Spaces

  • Melody Bruce
  • Michael Dougherty
  • Max Hlavacek
  • Ryo Kudo
  • Ian Nicolas
Keywords: Parking functions, Noncrossing partitions


There is a well-known bijection between parking functions of a fixed length and maximal chains of the noncrossing partition lattice which we can use to associate to each set of parking functions a poset whose Hasse diagram is the union of the corresponding maximal chains. We introduce a decomposition of parking functions based on the largest number omitted and prove several theorems about the corresponding posets. In particular, they share properties with the noncrossing partition lattice such as local self-duality, a nice characterization of intervals, a readily computable Möbius function, and a symmetric chain decomposition. We also explore connections with order complexes, labeled Dyck paths, and rooted forests.
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