Representations of Bicircular Lift Matroids

  • Rong Chen
  • Zifei Gao
Keywords: Bicircular Lift Matroids, Representation.


Bicircular lift matroids are a class of matroids defined on the edge set of a graph. For a given graph $G$, the circuits of its bicircular lift matroid are the edge sets of those subgraphs of $G$ that contain at least two cycles, and are minimal with respect to this property. The main result of this paper is a characterization of when two graphs give rise to the same bicircular lift matroid, which answers a question proposed by Irene Pivotto. In particular, aside from some appropriately defined "small" graphs, two graphs have the same bicircular lift matroid if and only if they are $2$-isomorphic in the sense of Whitney.
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