Modification of Griffiths' Result for Even Integers

  • Eshita Mazumdar
  • Sneh Bala Sinha
Keywords: Zero-sum problems, Kneser's Theorem


For a finite abelian group $G$ with $\exp(G)=n$, the arithmetical invariant $\mathsf s_A(G)$ is defined to be the least integer $k$ such that any sequence $S$ with length $k$ of elements in $G$ has a $A$ weighted zero-sum subsequence of length $n$. When $A=\{1\}$, it is the Erdős-Ginzburg-Ziv constant and is denoted by $\mathsf s (G)$. For certain class of sets $A$, we already have some general bounds for these weighted constants corresponding to the cyclic group $\mathbb{Z}_n$, which was given by Griffiths. For odd integer $n$, Adhikari and Mazumdar generalized the above mentioned results in the sense that they hold for more sets $A$. In the present paper we modify Griffiths' method for even $n$ and obtain general bound for the weighted constants for certain class of weighted sets which include sets that were not covered by Griffiths for $n\equiv 0 \pmod{4}$.
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