On Star Forest Ascending Subgraph Decomposition

  • Josep M. Aroca
  • Anna Lladó
Keywords: Ascending graph decomposition


The Ascending Subgraph Decomposition (ASD) Conjecture asserts that every graph $G$ with ${n+1\choose 2}$ edges admits an edge decomposition $G=H_1\oplus\cdots \oplus H_n$ such that $H_i$ has $i$ edges and it is isomorphic to a subgraph of $H_{i+1}$, $i=1,\ldots ,n-1$. We show that every bipartite graph $G$ with ${n+1\choose 2}$ edges such that the degree sequence $d_1,\ldots ,d_k$ of one of the stable sets satisfies $ d_{k-i}\ge n-i\; \text{for each}\; 0\le i\le k-1$, admits an ascending subgraph decomposition with star forests. We also give a necessary condition on the degree sequence which is not far from the above sufficient one.

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