Lattices Related to Extensions of Presentations of Transversal Matroids

  • Joseph E. Bonin
Keywords: Transversal matroids, Presentations, Single-element extensions, Distributive lattices


For a presentation $\mathcal{A}$ of a transversal matroid $M$, we study the ordered set $T_{\mathcal{A}}$ of single-element transversal extensions of $M$ that have presentations that extend $\mathcal{A}$; extensions are ordered by the weak order.  We show that $T_{\mathcal{A}}$ is a distributive lattice, and that each finite distributive lattice is isomorphic to $T_{\mathcal{A}}$ for some presentation $\mathcal{A}$ of some transversal matroid $M$. We show that $T_{\mathcal{A}}\cap T_{\mathcal{B}}$, for any two presentations $\mathcal{A}$ and $\mathcal{B}$ of $M$, is a sublattice of both $T_{\mathcal{A}}$ and $T_{\mathcal{B}}$. We prove sharp upper bounds on $|T_{\mathcal{A}}|$ for presentations $\mathcal{A}$ of rank less than $r(M)$ in the order on presentations; we also give a sharp upper bound on $|T_{\mathcal{A}}\cap T_{\mathcal{B}}|$. The main tool we introduce to study $T_{\mathcal{A}}$ is the lattice $L_{\mathcal{A}}$ of closed sets of a certain closure operator on the lattice of subsets of $\{1,2,\ldots,r(M)\}$.

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