On the Minimum Number of Monochromatic Generalized Schur Triples

  • Thotsaporn Thanatipanonda
  • Elaine Wong
Keywords: Schur Triples, Ramsey Theory on Integers, Rado Equation, Optimization


The solution to the problem of finding the minimum number of monochromatic triples $(x,y,x+ay)$ with $a\geq 2$ being a fixed positive integer over any 2-coloring of $[1,n]$ was conjectured by Butler, Costello, and Graham (2010) and Thanathipanonda (2009). We solve this problem using a method based on Datskovsky's proof (2003) on the minimum number of monochromatic Schur triples $(x,y,x+y)$. We do this by exploiting the combinatorial nature of the original proof and adapting it to the general problem.

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