Quantum State Transfer in Coronas

  • Ethan Ackelsberg
  • Zachary Brehm
  • Ada Chan
  • Joshua Mundinger
  • Christino Tamon


We study state transfer in quantum walks on graphs relative to the adjacency matrix. Our motivation is to understand how the addition of pendant subgraphs affect state transfer. For two graphs $G$ and $H$, the Frucht-Harary corona product $G \circ H$ is obtained by taking $|G|$ copies of the cone $K_{1} + H$ and by identifying the conical vertices according to $G$. Our work explores conditions under which the corona $G \circ H$ exhibits state transfer. We also describe new families of graphs with state transfer based on the corona product. Some of these constructions provide a generalization of related known results.


A corrigendum was added on October 7, 2020.

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