Circulant Homogeneous Factorisations of Complete Digraphs $\rm\bf K_{p^d}$ with $p$ an Odd Prime

  • Jing Xu
Keywords: Circulant homogeneous factorisations, Normal circulant homogeneous factorisations, Lexicographic product


Let $\mathcal F=(\rm\bf K_{n},\mathcal P)$ be a circulant homogeneous factorisation of index $k$, that means $\mathcal P$ is a partition of the arc set of the complete digraph $\rm\bf K_n$ into $k$ circulant factor digraphs such that there exists $\sigma\in S_n$ permuting the factor circulants transitively amongst themselves. Suppose further such an element $\sigma$ normalises the cyclic regular automorphism group of these circulant factor digraphs, we say $\mathcal F$ is normal. Let $\mathcal F=(\rm\bf K_{p^d},\mathcal P)$ be a circulant homogeneous factorisation of index $k$ where $p^d$,  ($d\ge 1$) is an odd prime power. It is shown in this paper that either $\mathcal F$ is normal or $\mathcal F$ is a lexicographic product of two smaller circulant homogeneous factorisations.

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