The Total Acquisition Number of Random Geometric Graphs

  • Ewa Infeld
  • Dieter Mitsche
  • Paweł Prałat


Let $G$ be a graph in which each vertex initially has weight 1. In each step, the weight from a vertex $u$ to a neighbouring vertex $v$ can be moved, provided that the weight on $v$ is at least as large as the weight on $u$. The total acquisition number of $G$, denoted by $a_t(G)$, is the minimum cardinality of the set of vertices with positive weight at the end of the process. In this paper, we investigate random geometric graphs $\mathcal{G}(n,r)$ with $n$ vertices distributed uniformally at random in $[0,\sqrt{n}]^2$ and two vertices being adjacent if and only if their distance is at most $r$. We show that asymptotically almost surely $a_t(\mathcal{G}(n,r)) = \Theta( n / (r \lg r)^2)$ for the whole range of $r=r_n \ge 1$ such that $r \lg r \le \sqrt{n}$. By monotonicity, asymptotically almost surely $a_t(\mathcal{G}(n,r)) = \Theta(n)$ if $r < 1$, and $a_t(\mathcal{G}(n,r)) = \Theta(1)$ if $r \lg r > \sqrt{n}$.
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