Counting Gluings of Octahedra

  • Valentin Bonzom
  • Luca Lionni
Keywords: Three-Dimensional triangulations, Combinatorial maps, Random trees


Three-dimensional colored triangulations are gluings of tetrahedra whose faces carry the colors 0, 1, 2, 3 and in which the attaching maps between tetrahedra are defined using the colors. This framework makes it possible to generalize the notion of two-dimensional $2p$-angulations to three dimensions in a way which is suitable for combinatorics and enumeration. In particular, universality classes of three-dimensional triangulations can be investigated within this framework. Here we study colored triangulations obtained by gluing octahedra. Those which maximize the number of edges at fixed number of octahedra are fully characterized and are shown to have the topology of the 3-sphere. They are further shown to be in bijection with a family of plane trees. The enumeration is performed both directly and using this bijection.
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