A Note on Sparse Supersaturation and Extremal Results for Linear Homogeneous Systems

  • Christoph Spiegel
Keywords: Ramsey Theory, Rado's Theorem, Probabilistic Method, Hypergraph Containers


We study the thresholds for the property of containing a solution to a linear homogeneous system in random sets. We expand a previous sparse Szémeredi-type result of Schacht to the broadest class of matrices possible. We also provide a shorter proof of a sparse Rado result of Friedgut, Rödl, Ruciński and Schacht based on a hypergraph container approach due to Nenadov and Steger. Lastly we further extend these results to include some solutions with repeated entries using a notion of non-trivial solutions due to Rúzsa as well as Rué et al.
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