A Dual Ramsey Theorem for Permutations

  • Dragan Mašulović
Keywords: Dual Ramsey Property, Finite permutations


In 2012 M. Sokić proved that the that the class of all finite permutations has the Ramsey property. Using different strategies the same result was then reproved in 2013 by J. Böttcher and J. Foniok, in 2014 by M. Bodirsky and in 2015 yet another proof was provided by M. Sokić.

Using the categorical reinterpretation of the Ramsey property in this paper we prove that the class of all finite permutations has the dual Ramsey property as well. It was Leeb who pointed out in 1970 that the use of category theory can be quite helpful both in the formulation and in the proofs of results pertaining to structural Ramsey theory. In this paper we argue that this is even more the case when dealing with the dual Ramsey property.

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