Multicolor Ramsey Numbers and Restricted Turán Numbers for the Loose 3-Uniform Path of Length Three

  • Andrzej Ruciński
  • Eliza Jackowska
  • Joanna Polcyn
Keywords: Ramsey numbers, Turan numbers, Hypergraphs


Let $P$ denote a 3-uniform hypergraph consisting of 7 vertices $a,b,c,d,e,f,g$ and 3 edges $\{a,b,c\}, \{c,d,e\},$ and $\{e,f,g\}$. It is known that the $r$-colored Ramsey number for $P$ is $R(P;r)=r+6$ for $r=2,3$, and that $R(P;r)\le 3r$ for all $r\ge3$. The latter result follows by a standard application of the Turán number $\mathrm{ex}_3(n;P)$, which was determined to be $\binom{n-1}2$ in our previous work. We have also shown that the full star is the only extremal 3-graph for $P$. In this paper, we perform a subtle analysis of the Turán numbers for $P$ under some additional restrictions. Most importantly, we determine the largest number of edges in an $n$-vertex $P$-free 3-graph which is not a star. These Turán-type results, in turn, allow us to confirm the formula $R(P;r)=r+6$ for $r\in\{4,5,6,7\}$.
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