Bijection Between Oriented Maps and Weighted Non-Oriented Maps

  • Agnieszka Czyżewska-Jankowska
  • Piotr Śniady
Keywords: Oriented maps, Non-Oriented maps, Topological aspects of graph theory, Jack polynomials, Jack character


We consider bicolored maps, i.e. graphs which are drawn on surfaces, and construct a bijection between (i) oriented maps with arbitary face structure, and (ii) (weighted) non-oriented maps with exactly one face. Above, each non-oriented map is counted with a multiplicity which is based on the concept of the orientability generating series and the measure of orientability of a map. This bijection has the remarkable property of preserving the underlying bicolored graph. Our bijection shows equivalence between two explicit formulas for the top-degree of Jack characters, i.e. (suitably normalized) coefficients in the expansion of Jack symmetric functions in the basis of power-sum symmetric functions.

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