Disjoint Cycles of Different Lengths in Graphs and Digraphs

  • Julien Bensmail
  • Ararat Harutyunyan
  • Ngoc Khang Le
  • Binlong Li
  • Nicolas Lichiardopol
Keywords: Vertex-disjoint cycles, Different lengths, Minimum degree


In this paper, we study the question of finding a set of $k$ vertex-disjoint cycles (resp. directed cycles) of distinct lengths in a given graph (resp. digraph). In the context of undirected graphs, we prove that, for every $k \geq 1$, every graph with minimum degree at least $\frac{k^2+5k-2}{2}$ has $k$ vertex-disjoint cycles of different lengths, where the degree bound is best possible. We also consider other cases such as when the graph is triangle-free, or the $k$ cycles are required to have different lengths modulo some value $r$. In the context of directed graphs, we consider a conjecture of Lichiardopol concerning the least minimum out-degree required for a digraph to have $k$ vertex-disjoint directed cycles of different lengths. We verify this conjecture for tournaments, and, by using the probabilistic method, for some regular digraphs and digraphs of small order.

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