Fully Packed Loop Configurations: Polynomiality and Nested Arches

  • Florian Aigner
Keywords: Fully packed loop configurations, Alternating sign matrices, Wheel polynomials, Nested arches, Quantum Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations


This article proves a conjecture by Zuber about the enumeration of fully packed loops (FPLs). The conjecture states that the number of FPLs whose link pattern consists of two noncrossing matchings which are separated by $m$ nested arches is a polynomial function in $m$ of certain degree and with certain leading coefficient. Contrary to the approach of Caselli, Krattenthaler, Lass and Nadeau (who proved a partial result) we make use of the theory of wheel polynomials developed by Di Francesco, Fonseca and Zinn-Justin. We present a new basis for the vector space of wheel polynomials and a polynomiality theorem in a more general setting. This allows us to finish the proof of Zubers conjecture.

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