Conserved Quantities of Q-systems from Dimer Integrable Systems

  • Panupong Vichitkunakorn
Keywords: Discrete dynamical systems, Cluster algebras, Conserved quantities, Dimers, Perfect matchings


We study a discrete dynamic on weighted bipartite graphs on a torus, analogous to dimer integrable systems in Goncharov-Kenyon 2013. The dynamic on the graph is an urban renewal together with shrinking all 2-valent vertices, while it is a cluster transformation on the weight. The graph is not necessary obtained from an integral polygon. We define the Hamiltonians of a weighted graph as partition functions of all weighted perfect matchings with a common homology class, then show that they are invariant under a move on the weighted graph. This move coincides with a cluster mutation, analog to Y-seed mutation in dimer integrable systems. We construct graphs for Q-systems of type A and B and show that the Hamiltonians are conserved quantities of the systems. This reproves the results of Di Francesco-Kedem 2010 and Galashin-Pylyavskyy 2016 for the Q-systems of type A, and gives new results for that of type B. Similar to the results in Di Francesco-Kedem 2010, the conserved quantities for Q-systems of type B can also be written as partition functions of hard particles on a certain graph. For type A, we show that the conserved quantities Poisson commute under a nondegenerate Poisson bracket.
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