The Existence of a Path-Factor without Small Odd Paths

  • Yoshimi Egawa
  • Michitaka Furuya
Keywords: Path-factor, Component-factor, Matching


A $\{P_{2},P_{5}\}$-factor of a graph is a spanning subgraph of the graph each of whose components is isomorphic to either $P_{2}$ or $P_{5}$, where $P_{n}$ denote the path of order $n$. In this paper, we show that if a graph $G$ satisfies $c_{1}(G-X)+\frac{2}{3}c_{3}(G-X)\leq \frac{4}{3}|X|+\frac{1}{3}$ for all $X\subseteq V(G)$, then $G$ has a $\{P_{2},P_{5}\}$-factor, where $c_{i}(G-X)$ is the number of components $C$ of $G-X$ with $|V(C)|=i$. Moreover, it is shown that above condition is sharp.

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