On the Diameter of Dual Graphs of Stanley-Reisner Rings and Hirsch Type Bounds on Abstractions of Polytopes

  • Brent Holmes
Keywords: Simplicial complex, Dual graph, Stanley-Reisner ring, Serre condition, Hirsch Conjecture, Polyhedra


Let $R$ be an equidimensional commutative Noetherian ring of positive dimension. The dual graph $\mathcal{G} (R)$ of $R$ is defined as follows: the vertices are the minimal prime ideals of $R$, and the edges are the pairs of prime ideals $(P_1,P_2)$ with height$(P_1 + P_2) = 1$. If $R$ satisfies Serre's property $(S_2)$, then $\mathcal{G} (R)$ is connected. In this note, we provide lower and upper bounds for the maximum diameter of dual graphs of Stanley-Reisner rings satisfying $(S_2)$. These bounds depend on the number of variables and the dimension. Dual graphs of $(S_2)$ Stanley-Reisner rings are a natural abstraction of the $1$-skeletons of polyhedra. We discuss how our bounds imply new Hirsch-type bounds on $1$-skeletons of polyhedra.

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