Constraining the Clustering Transition for Colorings of Sparse Random Graphs

  • Michael Anastos
  • Alan Frieze
  • Wesley Pegden
Keywords: Random Graphs, Coloring, Clustering Transition


Let $\Omega_q$ denote the set of proper $[q]$-colorings of the random graph $G_{n,m}, m=dn/2$ and let $H_q$ be the graph with vertex set $\Omega_q$ and an edge $\{\sigma,\tau\}$ where $\sigma,\tau$ are mappings $[n]\to[q]$ iff $h(\sigma,\tau)=1$. Here $h(\sigma,\tau)$ is the Hamming distance $|\{v\in [n]:\sigma(v)\neq\tau(v)\}|$. We show that w.h.p. $H_q$ contains a single giant component containing almost all colorings in $\Omega_q$ if $d$ is sufficiently large and $q\geq \frac{cd}{\log d}$ for a constant $c>3/2$.
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