Eigenvalue Bounds for the Signless $p$-Laplacian

  • Elizandro Max Borba
  • Uwe Schwerdtfeger
Keywords: Signless Laplacian, Signless p-Laplacian, Eigenvalue bound


We consider the signless $p$-Laplacian $Q_p$ of a graph, a generalisation of the quadratic form of the signless Laplacian matrix (the case $p=2$). In analogy to Rayleigh's principle the minimum and maximum of $Q_p$ on the $p$-norm unit sphere are called its smallest and largest eigenvalues, respectively. We show a Perron-Frobenius property and basic inequalites for the largest eigenvalue and provide upper and lower bounds for the smallest eigenvalue in terms of a graph parameter related to the bipartiteness. The latter result generalises bounds by Desai and Rao and, interestingly, at $p=1$ upper and lower bounds coincide.
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