Anagram-Free Graph Colouring

  • Tim E. Wilson
  • David R. Wood
Keywords: Anagram-free chromatic number, Abelian square-free sequences


An anagram is a word of the form $WP$ where $W$ is a non-empty word and $P$ is a permutation of $W$. We study anagram-free graph colouring and give bounds on the chromatic number. Alon et al.[Random Structures & Algorithms 2002] asked whether anagram-free chromatic number is bounded by a function of the maximum degree. We answer  this question in the negative by constructing graphs with maximum degree 3 and unbounded anagram-free chromatic number. We also prove upper and lower bounds on the anagram-free chromatic number of trees in terms of their radius and pathwidth. Finally, we explore extensions to edge colouring and $k$-anagram-free colouring.
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