On Rainbow Hamilton Cycles in Random Hypergraphs

  • Andrzej Dudek
  • Sean English
  • Alan Frieze
Keywords: Random hypergraphs, Rainbow colorings, Hamiltonicity


Let $H_{n,p,r}^{(k)}$ denote a randomly colored random hypergraph, constructed on the vertex set $[n]$ by taking each $k$-tuple independently with probability $p$, and then independently coloring it with a random color from the set $[r]$. Let $H$ be a $k$-uniform hypergraph of order $n$. An $\ell$-Hamilton cycle is a spanning subhypergraph $C$ of $H$ with $n/(k-\ell)$ edges and such that for some cyclic ordering of the vertices each edge of $C$ consists of $k$ consecutive vertices and every pair of adjacent edges in $C$ intersects in precisely $\ell$ vertices.

In this note we study the existence of rainbow $\ell$-Hamilton cycles (that is every edge receives a different color) in $H_{n,p,r}^{(k)}$. We mainly focus on the most restrictive case when $r = n/(k-\ell)$. In particular, we show that for the so called tight Hamilton cycles ($\ell=k-1$) $p = e^2/n$ is the sharp threshold for the existence of a rainbow tight Hamilton cycle in $H_{n,p,n}^{(k)}$ for each $k\ge 4$.

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