On the Existence of Frobenius Digraphical Representations

  • Pablo Spiga
Keywords: Regular representation, Frobenius representation, Cayley digraph, Automorphism group


A Frobenius group is a transitive permutation group that is not regular and such that only the identity fixes more than one point. A digraphical, respectively graphical, Frobenius representation, DFR and GFR for short, of a Frobenius group $F$ is a digraph, respectively graph, whose automorphism group as a group of permutations of the vertex set is $F$. The problem of classifying which Frobenius groups admit a DFR and GFR has been proposed by Mark Watkins and Thomas Tucker and is a natural extension of the problem of classifying which groups that have a digraphical, respectively graphical, regular representation.

In this paper, we give a partial answer to a question of Mark Watkins and Thomas Tucker concerning Frobenius representations: "All but finitely many Frobenius groups with a given Frobenius complement have a DFR".



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