Note on the Multicolour Size-Ramsey Number for Paths,

  • Andrzej Dudek
  • Paweł Prałat


The size-Ramsey number $\hat{R}(F,r)$ of a graph $F$ is the smallest integer $m$ such that there exists a graph $G$ on $m$ edges with the property that any colouring of the edges of $G$ with $r$ colours yields a monochromatic copy of $F$. In this short note, we give an alternative proof of the recent result of Krivelevich that $\hat{R}(P_n,r) = O((\log r)r^2 n)$. This upper bound is nearly optimal, since it is also known that $\hat{R}(P_n,r) = \Omega(r^2 n)$.

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