Hamilton $\ell$-Cycles in Randomly Perturbed Hypergraphs

  • Andrew McDowell
  • Richard Mycroft
Keywords: Hamilton cycles, Random Hypergraphs, Perturbing


We prove that for integers $2 \leqslant \ell < k$ and a small constant $c$, if a $k$-uniform hypergraph with linear minimum codegree is randomly 'perturbed' by changing non-edges to edges independently at random with probability $p \geqslant O(n^{-(k-\ell)-c})$, then with high probability the resulting $k$-uniform hypergraph contains a Hamilton $\ell$-cycle. This complements a recent analogous result for Hamilton $1$-cycles due to Krivelevich, Kwan and Sudakov, and a comparable theorem in the graph case due to Bohman, Frieze and Martin.
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