A Two-Sided Analogue of the Coxeter Complex

  • T. Kyle Petersen
Keywords: Coxeter group, Coxeter complex, Eulerian polynomial, Contingency table


For any Coxeter system $(W,S)$ of rank $n$, we study an abstract boolean complex (simplicial poset) of dimension $2n-1$ that contains the Coxeter complex as a relative subcomplex. For finite $W$, this complex is first described in work of Hultman. Faces are indexed by triples $(I,w,J)$, where $I$ and $J$ are subsets of the set $S$ of simple generators, and $w$ is a minimal length representative for the parabolic double coset $W_I w W_J$. There is exactly one maximal face for each element of the group $W$. The complex is shellable and thin, which implies the complex is a sphere for the finite Coxeter groups. In this case, a natural refinement of the $h$-polynomial is given by the "two-sided" $W$-Eulerian polynomial, i.e., the generating function for the joint distribution of left and right descents in $W$.

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