Latin Cubes with Forbidden Entries

  • Carl Johan Casselgren Dept. of Mathematics, Linköping University
  • Klas Markström Umeå University
  • Lan Anh Pham Umeå University


We consider the problem of constructing Latin cubes subject to the condition that some symbols may not appear in certain cells. We prove that there is a constant $\gamma > 0$ such that if $n=2^t$ and $A$ is a $3$-dimensional $n\times n\times n$ array where every cell contains at most $\gamma n$ symbols, and every symbol occurs at most $\gamma n$ times in every line of $A$, then $A$ is avoidable; that is, there is a Latin cube $L$ of order $n$ such that for every $1\leq i,j,k\leq n$, the symbol in position $(i,j,k)$ of $L$ does not appear in the corresponding cell of $A$.

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