Antichain Toggling and Rowmotion

  • Michael Joseph


In this paper, we analyze the toggle group on the set of antichains of a poset. Toggle groups, generated by simple involutions, were first introduced by Cameron and Fon-Der-Flaass for order ideals of posets. Recently Striker has motivated the study of toggle groups on general families of subsets, including antichains. This paper expands on this work by examining the relationship between the toggle groups of antichains and order ideals, constructing an explicit isomorphism between the two groups (for a finite poset). We also focus on the rowmotion action on antichains of a poset that has been well-studied in dynamical algebraic combinatorics, describing it as the composition of antichain toggles. We also describe a piecewise-linear analogue of toggling to the Stanley’s chain polytope. We examine the connections with the piecewise-linear toggling Einstein and Propp introduced for order polytopes and prove that almost all of our results for antichain toggles extend to the piecewise-linear setting.

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