Rainbow Matchings in Properly-Colored Hypergraphs

  • Hao Huang Department of Mathematics, Emory University
  • Tong Li Shandong University
  • Guanghui Wang Shandong University


A hypergraph $H$ is properly colored if for every vertex $v\in V(H)$, all the edges incident to $v$ have distinct colors. In this paper, we show that if $H_{1}, \ldots, H_{s}$ are properly-colored $k$-uniform hypergraphs on $n$ vertices, where $n\geq3k^{2}s$, and  $e(H_{i})>{{n}\choose {k}}-{{n-s+1}\choose {k}}$, then there exists a rainbow matching of size $s$, containing one edge from each $H_i$. This generalizes some previous results on the Erdős Matching Conjecture.

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